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  • Euro Healthcare Pte Ltd., a Singaporean company focused on pharmaceutical and medical equipment business.

  • Foliot has been a trusted name in the specialized hospitality furniture manufacturing industry for over 31 years, supplying major hotel brands in Canada and North America.

  • Our mission at Havas is to make a meaningful difference to brands, business and people. Our 22,000+ people across 100+ countries make up Havas Creative, Havas Media, RED Havas and Havas Health networks, all powered by Havas CX, our customer experience network. Combining the power of data, technology, and design to create meaningful experience.  

  • I am currently a senior risk management consultant at Deloitte Vietnam, an alumni of British University Vietnam and City University London.

    My experience greatly focuses on sustainability strategy & reporting and business continuity management.

  • In 2020 we opened our ofce, showroom and warehouse in the center of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam as a logistic hub and a place to welcome our guests.

    With two unique factories in Vietnam, we are leading the green transition from traditional plastics to eco-friendly packaging and single use items.

  • Nguyen Nguyet Thu (Kate) – Vice President
    She went to England to study with a full scholarship right from her high school years. After that, she was one of the 10 best students who received a 322 scholarship granted by the Government to study at the Faculty of Business Administration of the University. Bath – one of the 10 most prestigious universities in the UK. She graduated with excellent grades with very impressive grades.
    During the process of 10 years studying abroad in the UK, she has also accumulated a lot of experience through working in many large corporations around the world. Her first job was in the International Business Marketing department at Orange Telecommunications Group, one of the 3 largest telecommunications groups in Europe.
    Then she worked in Goldman Sachs and UBS, the most famous investment banking firms in the world. She now is Vice President in charge of Finance and Strategy of IDC Group, Founder of Kathy Home and IDC Angel.
    With more than 30 years of experience, IDC Group is 1 of Top 5 leading companies in the field of IT in Vietnam, operating nationwide and recognized by the region. IDC Group worked with Britcharm to send students to company to carry out research for their course.
    Kathy Home was founded by Nguyen Nguyet Thu in 2017, a brand of decor, furniture, ceramics, bedding products. Kathy Home brings the culture of English afternoon tea set to Vietnam. The brand has achieved much success in the field especially porcelain, ceramic, tableware. With a professional design team, products under the strict European production standards, Kathy Home’s mission is to bring beautiful European home, English tea culture and beauty to the Vietnamese market.

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