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BBGV Charity Policy

Since its establishment in 1998, the BBGV has been active in organising events to raise money to support charitable projects for the direct benefit of the Vietnamese people.

The BBGV contributes to projects which cover a range of charitable fields. We give priority to projects which meet with the needs of disadvantaged children and the elderly and also to projects that have an educational dimension. We are particularly interested in supporting the following:

• Health care

• Education

• Vocational Training

• People with disabilities

• Wildlife

The BBGV will not contribute towards the following:

• Local or international travel costs

• Staff salaries

• A project that would collapse without continued support from the BBGV

• Non project related administrative costs

• Overseas scholarships

• Campaigning activities

Selection Criteria

1. Within the spectrum of charitable activities described above we look for organisations that are able to use our money effectively. We need to be confident that the charity has the capacity to produce positive results and to demonstrate what has been achieved with our funds (ie just reporting what the money was spent on is, in itself, insufficient).

2. The charity identifies a clear need or problem that BBGV funding will be able to help alleviate or solve and makes clear who will benefit.

3. We expect the beneficiary organisation to find additional funding from its own resources or from other organisations, ie other than for a very small project the BBGV does not fund the project in full. On the other hand we do expect the utility from BBGV funding to be clearly defined and would not look favourably on a large project in which the BBGV’s funds were too small to be distinct.

4. Being small and underfunded are not criteria for selection. Equally, we would not exclude a charity just because it is large and successful.

5. We do, however, look particularly favourably on small organisations that have shown an ability to deliver good results but which are held back by a shortage of funds.

6. The organisation must be legally licenced to operate in Vietnam.

Geographical Coverage

AS a nationwide organisation the BBGV supports charities throughout Vietnam. We do, however, need to retain oversight of our funds and their use. Therefore although we are willing to support projects in remote areas we do need to resolve the practical issues of monitoring involved in such locations.

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